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Who Are We?

We have been immersed in the dipping industry since 2011.  Back during that time Plasti Dip coatings were fairly new in the automotive scene and we took the opportunity to offer services to those who wanted to change the color of their vehicles without going to the permanent route of paint.  Many people also wanted the cost effectiveness of Plasti Dip compared to vinyl wrap installations.  Many years later we are well-renowned in the lower mainland as Plasti Dip installers with the most experience, professionalism, and work ethic. We have extensive experience working with polymerized spray wrapping solutions on just about any vehicle.  We provide our services to clients who demand the best in what Plasti Dip and other polymerized spray wrapping solutions have to offer.


There are virtually endless possibilities on what can be done to your vehicle.  Our clients are given the option of changing the color of select parts of the vehicle such as trims and wheels, or they are welcome to have all the exterior body panels done as well.


Our ideal clientele are those who look for the best in what Plasti Dip has to offer.  Our strong work ethic, key attention to small details, as well being innovative with respect to experimenting with new ways of improving the final results really make us stand apart from the rest of the "competition".  It doesn't matter whether you bring us a luxury vehicle or a regular commuter car - we treat your vehicle with upmost care as if it were our own.  We also have strong partnerships with various car dealerships across the lower mainland when they wish to have removable polymerized coatings applied.


We are happy and proud to say that we have conducted the most jobs throughout the lower mainland.  We would like to thank all of our fans and supporters for allowing us to expand from a small home-based operation to something on a larger scale.  We conduct the majority of our dip jobs in our shop located around the Bridgeport area in Richmond, and with a larger shop space we have been able to gain access to equipment such as automotive HVLP sprayers and industrial level air compressors to ensure you get the best possible results.


Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than seeing our clients' jaws drop when they see their vehicle totally transformed after we conduct dipping services for them.  We hope that those looking to have dipping services will make the right decision and contact us!  With an ever-expanding portfolio of numerous vehicles we have completed, we are always looking for more to showcase to the world!  Let us be the ones to transform your vehicle from something ordinary, to something extraordinary!


DipVancouver, changing the dipping scene one layer at a time!


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