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Our shop is located in Richmond, around the Bridgeport area.  Accessible only via appointment.


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Frequently Asked Questions & Other General Information


Q: What is Plasti Dip, and what are the benefits compared to vinyl wrapping or painting your vehicle?
A: Plasti Dip is a rubberized substance which can be applied to just about any surface (in this case we will deal with automotive vehicles).  Application can be viewed as a combination of vinyl wrap and traditional car painting put together.  There are many benefits, with one being how affordable it is to have your vehicle dipped by us!  It costs less than half the price to vinyl wrap a vehicle, and only a fraction of the price compared to traditionally repainting your whole car.  Plasti Dip is even better as it leaves no residue on removal unlike vinyl wraps, and will not depreciate the value of your vehicle unlike repainting.  Plasti Dip is lightweight, withstands car washes/power washers, and is low maintenance.  Damages are also easy to fix up and easy to cover - just spray another few coats to blend in the affected areas!


Q: How long do the dipping processes take?
A: Most small dipping jobs are usually completed within 1.5-3 hours.  For full car dipping services,  the process takes anywhere between 6 to 10 hours.  Additional time may be required for more extensive dipping jobs which includes two color choices.


Q: How long should Plasti Dip last on my vehicle?
A: There is no real answer to this question - it greatly depends on how well the Plasti Dip bonds to the surface and how it is maintained.  All vehicles have different surfaces due to paint condition, natural aging, waxes applied, and other contaminants deeply embedded which will greatly affect Plasti Dip's durability and how long it should last on your vehicle.  Weather effects, temperature, driving conditions, washing, and other extraneous variables will affect how Plasti Dip lasts on your vehicle.  The "suggested" standard is usually up to a couple of years, but that really varies between vehicle to vehicle.


Q: What colors of Plasti Dip would look the best on my vehicle?

A: This is a subjective question, but for the most part neutral shades (such as grays and blacks) are recommended as it goes well with any vehicle. Black is the most popular Plasti Dip color, as it goes well with just about any vehicle.  Black provides vehicles with both a hint of aggressiveness and subtle-ness, and shows off the lines and curves of vehicles very nicely.  The majority of our clients opt for gloss black rims, and we personally think black is the way to go in terms of colors for rims!

Q: Do you provide warranties or guarantees after the dipping services are completed?

A: As much as we would like to provide our clients with warranties or guarantees, we cannot provide them at this time due to the temporal nature of Plasti Dip.  As mentioned in a previous question above, all vehicles do have different surfaces with respect to how well the Plasti Dip will adhere to it.  Other extraneous factors such as how one maintains their dipped vehicles after the service is completed, driving conditions, weather, and etc, provides us with no authority or ability to control how well Plasti Dip adheres to the surface of the vehicle.  With that said however, most of our clients usually don't have a problem with Plasti Dip - this coating is extremely durable and resilient nevertheless.

Q: Does Plasti Dip come out smoothly like paint/vinyl wrap?

A: Plasti Dip is a rubberized polymer coating, so initially there will be some "tack" you can feel, similar to a rubber balloon.  Over time the coating will lose its tackiness.  For a more slick/smoother finish, clients can apply spray waxes to the coating after a week to give it a more slicker feel.  Plasti Dip does take the texture of the surface condition, and its smoothness varies due to drying in ambient temperature conditions.  There is always room for a small margin of error in application which may be unavoidable due to surface condition, paint chips/scratches, contamination, etc.

Q: Do you offer a discounted rate provided that I provide the materials?

A: Please be aware there are multiple formulations of Plasti Dip coatings, which means the chemical compositions may vary based on where/how you sourced it.  For our services it is set up for the formulations we carry on hand so quality results are not guaranteed if you are provided us material through a third party.  At this time we do not work with materials that are not sourced by us.


Q: Do you price match other installers?

A: We charge flat rates based on what is requested to be done as well as color.  We have conducted an abundant amount of jobs for previous clients and have found normalized rates in which people are willing to pay.  We do our best to provide you with a fair price with respect to the quality of work you are receiving.  We strongly emphasize on the saying "you get what you pay for"; we are unlike other amateur installers who try to charge less and inevitably use less product on your vehicle.  Quality of work cannot be compared between those who have had extensive experience working in the dipping industry and those who operate out of a home-based operation.  We take pride in our services and we do not lower our prices on them because you can find someone who can do it for cheaper.


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