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What We Can Offer You

We have a wide array of products for you to purchase which enables you to dip your vehicle yourself!  We offer professional dipping services if you would rather save the time and hassle and would like the job to be perfect the first time around!


When inquiring, please give details on what service you would like to have done and provide us information about your vehicle for an accurate quote, thank you!

Full Car Exterior Dip || Stage 1

This is the most economical of all full car exterior Plasti Dipping jobs - basic matte finishes are offered for this service.  All exterior body panels requested are dipped using a single color.


Full Car Exterior Dip || Stage 2

An enhanced version of the Stage 1 full exterior car dip.  This service includes addtional options such as semi-gloss finishes and addtional layers of dip applied.  The addtional coatings increase the durability of the dip, making your dip job last even longer!


Full Car Exterior Dip || Stage 3

Got some extra coin laying around?  This is where we get into the special DipVancouver in-house custom finishes which are not available anywhere else.  This is an experimental playground where a client can request high-gloss/satin/pearl finishes, custom colors, two-tones, or any other special requests to attain the best possible end result from Plasti Dip.  Stage 3 dips almost replicate a real paint job in some respects, and will turns heads guaranteed.


A-La-Carte Dipping || Choose What You Want Done

Looking to dip some selected areas on a vehicle?  We can offer to dip just about any part on your vehicle. Prices will vary on the services you would like to have completed, and discounts will apply when you have one or more of these a-la-carte dipping jobs done.

Some examples of things that can be dipped:

hoods, roofs, emblems, window trims, grills, etc.


Cans & Gallons // Do It Yourself!

Are you looking to purhcase cans and gallons to dip your vehicle yourself?  Please inquire about the products we have for sale!  Cans range from $18-$22, and sprayable gallons from $150-$175.

Wheel/Rim Dips || Stage 1

This is one of the most popular services we offer - we can dip 4 of your rims in any color that's available to us.  The most popular color is black which gives your rims a sleeker look that is both aggressive and passive. Protect your OEM or aftermarket rims from the elements!


Wheel/Rim Dips || Stage 2

An upgraded version of the stage 1 rim dip.  This service includes additional options such satin/gloss coatings.  The additional coatings increase the durability of the dip, and allow for easier cleaning as the surface of the dip becomes smoother


Wheel/Rim Dips || Stage 3

Building on top of the Stage 2 service, the Stage 3 level offers additional durability.  This includes making the coating more scratch-resistant, as well as a UV-protecting barrier with slows down the color fade from sunlight exposure.  Ideal for keeping the coating on for the long term.

We encourage our clients to get the wheels/rims done first before committing to the rest of the exterior body panels.  This is the best bang-for-buck service and greatly changes the look of your vehicle, also allowing you to see how the quality/finish turns out before committing to have the body panels done.

Below is a quick reference between our two most popular finishes.

Stage 1 - Matte Black

Stage 3 - Satin/Gloss Black

Grilles, badges, emblems, chrome trims, door handles, etc. you name it we can probably do it!

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